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Blog: FanTeamz teamer hierarchy explained

2016-09-20 09:04:54

Festival fans

When you join and participate in a team on FanTeamz, you earn points by completing the tasks and missions available in that team. The total number of points that you win defines your rank and your class. Find yours under the “My Info” heading of your chosen team.

Here are the different types of classes you can work your way up:

  • Class 1: fanatic!
  • Class 2: superfan
  • Class 3: top fan
  • Class 4: experienced
  • Class 5: secondary
  • Class 6: elementary
  • Class 7: newbie

Don’t be surprised if you suddenly move up or drop down a class. Your class is relative to your total number of points and those of your fellow team members.

To remain in the top classes, make sure to complete all available tasks and missions. Most of the time your class name is simply indicative of your progress in the team, but some admins may choose to reward members in the top classes from time to time 😉

Pick a team and start earning points and move up to the top classes!

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