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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Introduction and terminology

FanTeamz works with a number of partners including festivals, artists, brands, and other businesses. We create teams for each of the partners we work with. When you sign up to a team you become a teamer in that partner's team. In each team you are able to complete a series of missions, each mission containing a list of individual tasks. When you complete the tasks, points are added to your counter for that team. Points define your rank and class in that team. You can exchange the points that you earn for rewards in the team's shop.

How much effort do I need to dedicate to a team?

It's entirely up to you, you have no obligation to complete any of the missions or tasks. FanTeamz is based exclusively on merit, and fair compensation is given in exchange for the effort you provide. The more tasks you complete, the quicker you'll earn points and the sooner you'll be able to earn rewards.

What kind of tasks do I need to complete?

We set a variety of tasks each week. Most tasks can be easily completed with a couple of clicks, while others require a little more effort. Rewards and points are usually adjusted according to the difficulty of the task. Tasks are designed to promote our partners in a genuine, positive, and responsible manner, without disturbing or spamming anyone. For more information on your responsibility as a fan read our Terms and Conditions.

How do I complete tasks?

Select a team you like and check the missions and tasks available in the team. Each task has a clear set of instructions to follow, along with a ranking table, and a deadline. Make sure you complete the tasks in time!

How do I sell tickets?

Tickets are sold using a link you send to your friends. Points are added to your account whenever your friends purchase one or more tickets using the link you send them. This link contains a unique code associated with your FanTeamz account. It's important that your friends load the full link in their browser window to register the sale correctly and add points to your account.

How and when do I receive the tickets I claim in exchange for points?

All tickets purchased or won through the platform are sent in digital format (PDF), to be kept on your mobile phone or to be printed for the event. Once you collect enough points, you have the option to claim a free ticket or a discounted ticket depending on the points that you've earned. When claiming a free ticket, you'll receive a form to fill out with your personal details, after which our admins will send your digital ticket within 48 hours. When claiming a discounted ticket, you'll receive a private link to pay for your ticket. Once you complete your purchase, our admins will send you your digital ticket within 48 hours.

How are team rankings calculated?

Your rank is based on the points that you earn (1) and your date of registration in a team (2). In case of a tie between two members, whoever registered first in the team ranks higher in the table. We value work well done and loyalty! Note that when you use your points to claim a reward, your total points counter and your rank drop accordingly. Your class, however, remains unaffected.

How many points can I win?

Points, missions, and tasks all vary from one team to another. No standard template is applied across different teams.

I don't have enough points to claim rewards. How do I get more?

New tasks are frequently created while a team is still active. If you've completed all the available tasks, wait for the next task to be published!

How can I find out when a new task is published?

Notifications for new tasks are accessible from the notifications dropdown menu in the top navigation bar on our site (next to your profile picture). We also recommend you opt in to receive weekly email notifications on your profile in order to stay up to date with all the latest activity in the teams you join.

Are points valid across different teams?

No, the points you earn in one team cannot be used in or transferred to a different team.

Are there other ways to earn rewards?

Most rewards are listed in the team Shops. On some occasions, you may also be rewarded directly for completing a particular mission or task. In such a case the rewards will be listed under the instructions for that mission or task.

How and when do I receive my rewards?

Rewards are usually sent by our partners directly, either by post (physical goods) or by email (digital goods). FanTeamz always strives to make sure rewards get promptly sent out, and cannot be held responsible if a reward does not get delivered in the shortest delays possible.

How do I get in touch if I have more questions?

  • For enquiries related to a specific team (regarding new tasks, points, or rewards) write a private message to the team admins using the form provided on the Messages page of the team.
  • To report a technical error, contact our support team.
  • For general enquiries about FanTeamz or if you would like to find out how FanTeamz could work for your business, contact our sales team.

How do I cancel my account?

Write a message to our support team. They will assist in cancelling your account.