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Fan Engagement

Assemble a team of brand ambassadors and engage them with a series of missions and tasks they can complete to earn rewards.

Crowd Marketing

Manage your team to increase the visibility of your products and drive sales and referrals in a cost-efficient and organic manner. Choose from a range of gamified tasks to incentivise your ambassadors' actions.

Fan Engagement and Crowd Marketing

Brand Loyalty

Rank and reward your team, all the while establishing close relationships with your most dedicated ambassadors. Get access to rich user data and campaign statistics.

brand loyalty

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As used by

  • Bloodstock Festival
  • AEG Live UK
  • Fabric Nightclub
  • Coldrain (Raw Power Management)
  • Iron Maiden (Move Concerts, Argentina)
  • Hospitality DnB
Eric Mackay, Warner/Chappell Music

"Being able to connect with fans in an organic and genuine way is one of the most valuable tools that bands & brands can develop; FanTeamz is the simplest and most effective way to do this!"

Eric Mackay, Warner/Chappell Music

Julie Weir, Music For Nations - Sony UK

"A forward thinking and adaptable fan platform unlike any other. It's a new social fan economy, a creative community."

Julie Weir, Music For Nations - Sony UK

Rachael Greenfield, Bloodstock Festival

"Fanteamz has been a great find for us. It gives fans of the festival an excellent opportunity to be more involved and be rewarded for their involvement while promoting the hell out of the festival. Would highly recommend!"

Rachael Greenfield, Bloodstock Festival